Lake Arrowhead FAQ's

I've never been to Lake Arrowhead, can you tell me more about the area?
Nestled in the magnificent San Bernardino National Forest, surrounded by pine, cedar, and dogwood, at an altitude of 5100', an area described as the "Alps of Southern California", and known as "the best kept secret on the West Coast, is a stunningly beautiful, cozy and quaint mountain resort paradise called Lake Arrowhead. Our community features countless outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, bicycling, lake tours, water and snow skiing, ice skating, fishing, horseback riding, and much more. With the stunning scenery and wildlife, comes a natural peacefulness that has lured people to these mountains for centuries.

What is a National Forest Adventure Pass?
The National Forest Adventure Pass is required for recreation use of the forest, its facilities and services. Passes are displayed upon the visitors parked vehicle. If no vehicle is parked, no pass is required. Since this is a recreational "use" fee and not a fee for "entry" to the National Forest, no pass is required for travel through, nor for activities that are "incidental" to thru-travel, such as stopping to take a photograph or use a restroom. Vehicles that do not display a valid pass in the windshield may receive a Notice of Non-Compliance. You can purchase a day pass for $5.00 or an annual pass for $30.00. They can be purchased at Leroy's Sporting Goods store at Lake Arrowhead Village.

Are there any special events at Lake Arrowhead?
Yes, there are special events throughout the year. Starting in May through Labor Day there is the free concert series. Every Friday and Saturday night there is a free live concert at the outdoor Main Stage at the Village. During the same months, there is a Farmer's Market every Friday afternoon at the Village. Here is a list of some of the other special activities: Annual Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show in June, Annual Art & Wine Festival in June, 4th of July Fireworks Show above the lake, Jensens' Annual Lobster Fest in July, Annual Tour de Arrowhead Bike Ride in August, Annual Home Tour in September, Oktoberfest celebration each Saturday and Sunday during the month of October, Porsche Time-Line event in October.

Can we swim in Lake Arrowhead?
Similar to fishing, swimming in Lake Arrowhead is limited to the owners of property in the "Arrowhead Woods" and their guests. Some of our properties are located in the Arrowhead Woods and we do have Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA) passes giving you access to the 2 private beach clubs at the lake...the Burnt Mill Beach Club and the Tavern Bay Beach Club. The two beach clubs are officially open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. You can still access the beaches year round with the beach club passes. Our properties that are in the Arrowhead Woods state in the property description on our website that they include a ALA beach club cards that gives you access to the 2 private beach clubs, the ALA hiking trails around the lake and allows you to fish at Lake Arrowhead as our guest.

Can we fish at Lake Arrowhead?
Lake Arrowhead is a private lake and fishing is restricted to owners of property in the "Arrowhead Woods" and their guests. Some of our properties are located within Arrowhead Woods and we do belong to the Arrowhead Lake Association with passes that allow you to fish at the lake, provided that you have a fishing license. You can purchase a fishing license at the Leroy's Sporting Goods store in Lake Arrowhead Village. Our properties that are in the Arrowhead Woods state in the property description on our website that they include an Arrowhead Lake Association beach club card that gives you access to the 2 private beach clubs and allows you to fish at Lake Arrowhead as our guest. Not all of our properties have these passes included.

Can we bring our own boat to Lake Arrowhead?
No...Lake Arrowhead is a private lake and only property owners in the "Arrowhead Woods" can launch a private boat on Lake Arrowhead.

Can we rent a boat at Lake Arrowhead?
No...there are no boat rental companies at Lake Arrowhead. But, the McKenzie Water Ski School will let you rent time on their ski boats with their instructors for waterskiing, wakeboarding or cruising the lake. There is also the Arrowhead Queen that gives tours on the lake. You can learn more by clicking on our "local info" tab or our website. Lake Gregory that is only 15 minutes away does have boat rentals.

How far are the ski resorts from Lake Arrowhead?
Snow Valley Ski Resort is a 20 minute drive from Lake Arrowhead. Bear Mountain and Snow Summit in Big Bear are a 40 minute drive.

Is there is a place to go sledding nearby?
In addition to the local mountain terrain and the National Forest that surrounds Lake Arrowhead, there is a snow tubing park adjacent to Snow Valley Ski Resort...only a 20 minute drive.

Are there grocery stores at Lake Arrowhead?
Yes! There is a Stater Brother's Grocery Store at the Arrowhead Village and there is a Jensen's Market in Blue Jay Village and Cedar Glen.

Do you have any recommendations for restaurants?

Lake Arrowhead Restaurants
~ The Grill at Antler’s Inn (great food, reservations needed for dinner). They also have a wonderful Sunday breakfast/lunch. Eclectic menu, always good. Family friendly. About a 10 minute drive from house.
~ Stone Creek Bistro (chef used to work at the Grill) – Fun little restaurant in Blue Jay.
~ The Sports Bar Grille in Blue Jay – great bar food, delicious fish n chips, sandwiches, salads. Great Kraft beer menu. Family friendly. 10 minute drive from house. Good place to watch a game.
~ The Waffle House in the village (you can walk here). Decent breakfast/lunch – great views. More about the view here than the food.
~ The GrapeVine – nice little wine bar with great outdoor seating. Located in the village.
~ BIN 189 – Restaurant in the Lake Arrowhead Resort. Nice ambiance and good food.

Sky Forest Restaurants
~ Hungry Bear – great sandwiches
~ Lou Eddie’s Pizza – best pizza on the mountain (nice outdoor eating area)
~ Hortencia’s – good Mexican

Is there a good spot for grabbing coffee in the morning?
Yes, there are several options. There is Hot Shots Coffee House in Blue Jay Village. There is also a Starbucks inside Jensen's Market in Blue Jay Village. At Lake Arrowhead Village there is, The Tea Exchange.

How far is Lake Arrowhead from Big Bear?
Big Bear is approximately 20 miles from Lake Arrowhead. But, it is about a 40 minute drive due to the slow speeds on the mountain highway.

How far is Lake Gregory from Lake Arrowhead?
Lake Gregory is approximately 10-15 minutes from Lake Arrowhead. Unlike Lake Arrowhead, it is a public lake and provides opportunities for guests to swim, ride on the lake's two 300-foot water slides, rent paddleboards, rowboats, paddleboats, sailboats and water cycles. Outside of the swimming area, anglers will find excellent fishing for trout, catfish and bass.

Do we need chains or 4-wheel drive in the winter?
It just depends on the weather. If you don't have a 4x4 vehicle, it is recommended that you travel with chains during the winter. You can call the following number to check the status of the main highways prior to your visit to see if chains are required during a storm: 800-427-7623 enter Hwy 18.