Community Contribution

Our hosting journey started 15 years ago with family vacation homes in Lake Arrowhead and La Quinta. Like many of our guests, we were on a mission to create unforgettable memories for our children.

They have walked, fished, boated, and skied the Lake countless times. Have swam, played tennis, golfed, and hiked Bump & Grind until exhausted. They have their favorite coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, and retail. Now that they are busy young adults, we are sharing our love of these incredible communities with others.

The vacation home (short-term rental) space is experiencing explosive growth as an increasing number of recreational travelers prefer the accommodations and settings over hotels & inns. Advantages:
  • Unique range of properties
  • Diverse settings
  • Incredible value
  • Affordability
  • Square footage
  • Multiple living areas
  • In-home amenities
  • Privacy
  • Familiar & relaxing setting
  • Immersive community experience
Regarding interaction, guests spend upwards of 50% of their total budget in-community on:
  • Groceries
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Activities
  • Gas
  • Tipping
Not surprising, some of our guests have purchased homes as a direct result of spending "quality community time" at ours.

As hosts, we invest heavily in real estate then assemble local teams of:
  • Designers
  • Cleaners
  • Gardeners
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • HVAC techs
  • Handymen
  • Pool techs
  • Dock techs
  • Putting green techs
  • Pest control techs
  • Animal control techs
  • Snow removal
  • And, more
A significant number of community businesses and individuals service our homes. As our brand and portfolio grows, so grows their revenue & income. Furthermore, as guests post public reviews, we make every effort to ensure that our homes are perfect as possible. There are no excuses, shortcuts, or deferred maintenance. Our needs are immediate, which makes us great customers.

Regarding tax participation, there are 1,000's of hosted homes in Lake Arrowhead and La Quinta. The number of hosted accommodations greatly exceeds that of hotels & inns, generating a significant percentage of transient occupancy taxes (TOT's).

Regarding local commerce, the ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION of hosts and guests, ISĀ UNDENIABLE.